Curatorial zine and archive of Professor W.J. Slack
  • Chimes shooting a music video at our space Nola, darling.


    Making a music video <3

  • Baby Acid, Beiju, Chimes, Drone Ranger, Parlor Walls.



    Poster by Professor W.J. Slack

  • Everyday Balloons (Hamish Kilgour of The Clean), The Backhomes, Earl Boykins, Heavy Birds.

    Baby’s All Right


    Poster by Professor W.J. Slack

  • Slackgaze, Gingercore, and Heidi present: Sunset Diver, Czech Neck, Euu, Train Trash, Brat Pit, Luther A, Kate Mohanty.

    Nola, darling


    Poster by Professor W.J. Slack

  • chimes-band:

    Our next show at the new Slackgaze space!

  • Journalism EP Release show at Palisades 7/25/14.

    Video by Chris Giorgione

  • Polaroids of Dream Pop Prom/Gingerlys EP release by Kelli Mcguire. 7/14/14

  • Arm Candy at Slackfest, 6/22/14.

    Video by Chris Giorgione.

  • Heavy Midgets is our latest band crush from Richmond, Virginia. Expect some surfy shenanigans from us, them, and Rippers later this summer. ;)

  • Linda Everswick and The Electorlytes at Slackfest 2014.

  • That time at Slackfest when The Due Diligence handed his guitar off mid-solo, walked off stage, climbed a fire escape, then exited through the neighbors apartment. All the while, some audience member who claims to have never played electric guitar continued to rip the most epic solo.

    Yeah that happened.

    Photographs by John Erbach Photography.

  • Slackfest 2014, final flier, by Queen Tori.

  • Slackfest 2014. Flier by Meg Laz

  • capitalistrecords:

    Our first release “jk bb” by ONWE now available for purchase worldwide.